GENERAL CONDITIONS " Les Escales du Flâneur" La Trinité sur Mer

1 - Length of stay
Week: from saturday 5 p.m to the next saturday 10 a.m.
Week-End : from friday 6 p.m to sunday 5 p.m./ Mid-week : from monday 10 a.m. to friday 3 p.m
For long week-ends or bank holidays, from the first day at 10 a.m. to the last day at 5 p.m.
It's possible to modify these schedules according to your wishes and the availability of gites.

2 - General use of houses
The tenant will use the house in a peaceful way and put it to good uses according to the destination of the place.
The tenant promises to keep the house as clean and tidy as he found it on arrival..
The house can in no way be used by other persons than the tenant. The house can accomodate a maximum of 8 persons, that capacity must not be exceeded without the agreement of the renter ( in that case, an extra cost of 50 to 120 € / person, according to the period, will be charged ).

3 - Charges
Charges are calculated on the basis of 8 persons and for a normal use..
Water : 0.50 m3 / day, if overtaking: 3 € / m3
Electricity : - 40 kwh / day in cold period,, if overtaking : 0,15 € / kwh; - 12kwh / day without heating, if overtaking :0.15 €/kwh
The meters will be checked first on the arrival then on the departure of each tenant. If the water and electricity consumption appear to be higher than the normal ones as written in the general conditions, the extra consumption will be charged to the tenant and either paid or deducted from the deposit.

4 - Proposed services
- housecleaning by request during the stay : 15 € / hour
- full cleaning at the end of the stay : 60 €
- breakfast : 8€ / person
You will find at your disposal household linen, we'll only ask you an extra charge for cleaning each used pack :
- pack of sheets ( under sheet - quilt cove r- pillow case ) : fixed price of 9 € per used pack
- pack of toilet linen ( shower towe - toilet towel - face cloth ) : fixed price of 4 € per used pack
- pack of 4 dish towel : fixed price of 3 €

5 - Refundable deposit
A refundable deposit of 400 € will be paid by the tenant on arrival by cheque if possible (in 2 cheques : 370 € and 30 € ).
If the renter notices damage in the house furniture or equipment, he will deduct the expenses for repairing or replacing the damaged items from the deposit, which will in any case be refunded within a month after the tenant's departure.If the amount of the damage is superior to the deposit, the tenant promises to pay for the extra charge.If the tenant has pais for the cleaning,the renter will give him back the chequeof 37€,after a detailed check,when he leaves the house.If the tenant has chosen to clean the house himself,the renter will give him back the cheque of 370€ and keep the cheque of 30 € il the cleaning appears insufficient.

6 - Inventory of fixtures
An inventory of fixtures will be made on arrival and at the end of the stay as well as a checking of the meters. On arrival the tenant will have a period of 24 h to inform the renter in case of noticed problem. After this period the rented house will be considered as free from damage on the arrival of the tenant..

7 - Insurance
The tenant is responsible for all the damage occuring from his acts. Therefore, he must check that his insurance contract for his main house includes an extension for holidays resorts.

8 - Cancellation
Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter to the tenant.
- from 30 days before the arrival, the deposit will remain the property of the renter, except if the house can be rented again in the same conditions
- within a period of 24 h following the agreed date of arrival, if the tenant doesn't make himself known, the present contract gets canceled and the paid sums remain the property of the renter.
9 - Pets :
We accept pets (small size ones) as far as they don't disturb the quietness ans cleaness of the place, their owners being fully responsible for them. Please ask us for our agreement before bringing them, alow for an extra charge of 3 € per day per pet.

Date and signature of the tenant (with mention " read and approved" )